Sorting Table - Part 1


In this tutorial we will learn how to use the version 1.1 of the widget Sorting Table for Adobe Muse CC. We will see how to add the widget in the Library panel, how to edit and fill the HTML code of the Table with different types of data, and how to customize the appearance of the Table with the Widget Options panel.

Table of contents

Part 1 : Introduction

  1. Getting Sorting Table
  2. Adding the widget in the Library panel

Part 1 > On this page

Part 2 : Fill in the Table with data

  1. How to put the HTML Code in a Muse page
  2. Understanding the Table HTML code
  3. How to add data in the Table cells
  4. How to insert links in the Table cells
  5. How to put pictures in the Table cells

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Part 3 : Customizing the Table appearance

  1. How to use the Widget Options panel
  2. Tweaking the General Options
  3. Editing the appearance of the Table Header, Rows, & Footer
  4. Changing the Table text properties
  5. Modifying the Table size
  6. Making the Table responsive

Part 3 > Go to

Part 1



You can purchase Sorting Table directly from this page if you do not already own it.

Sorting Table
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2. Adding the widget in the Library panel

After having downloaded Sorting Table and unzipped the widget's folder on your computer, you need to open Adobe Muse from the Creative Cloud application. Once Muse is open you have to create a new site (Cmd+N/Ctrl+N), or open an already created site (Cmd+O/Ctrl+O), and open a page of this site in order to access the Library panel.

When your site is open you have to click on Library in the right panel (Go to "Window > Library" if you don't find it in the right panel), and click on the button "Import Muse Library" at the bottom-left of the Library panel.

A window opens in order for you to choose the .mulib file you want to add in the Library panel. Go to the folder where you have unzipped the widget before, select UrMuse-SortingTable.mulib and then click on Open.

The widget is now added to the Library panel in Adobe Muse CC. You can find it in the Library panel under the name "UrMuse-SortingTable". You can click on the grey arrow next to its name to open the widget content.


If you want to know something else about using Sorting Table you can ask us in the Comments section below or by contacting us through the form of the Contact page.