UrForm allow you to drag and drop beautiful pre-made forms directly in your contact page. UrForm is a form pack for Adobe Muse CC containing 12 forms design with 3 variants each for a total of 36 forms. You can choose between the standard, the pop-up, or the lightbox version of each form design.

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12 forms designs with 3 variants each for a total of 36 forms
  • Each form design comes with 3 variants : the Standard form, the Lightbox form, and the Pop Up form
  • The forms graphic designs are all different from each other and originals
  • The lightbox and pop-up variants open up the form after the users click on a button
  • This widgets are based on Adobe Muse Library Forms and Composition widgets which mean you can modify them like any other Muse element
  • Customize the size, the fonts, the colors, and the transitions of the forms like you would do for any other element in Muse
  • All the widgets in this pack are interactive, with hover and click effects, fade in and fade out


1 Zip file (9 Mo) containing
  • 1 Mulib file : UrMuse-UrForm.mulib
  • 9 Assets : 5 background pictures and 4 icons
  • 1 Cover picture : UrForm-ProductPage-Widget-UrMuse.jpg
  • 1 Readme file : license-agreement-urmuse.txt



The elements available in this widget are not supposed to be used with the Resize options "Responsive Width" and "Responsive Width and Height". We can not provide support if you use the elements of this widget with one of the options mentioned above.

As this widget is a combination of multiple Adobe Muse CC Library widgets we do not provide customer support for issues related to the use of one of the Library widget it contains. However we offer customer support for problems related to the way these Library widgets are associated and interact together. You can find help for Adobe Muse CC Library widgets on helpx.adobe.com and you can contact Adobe Customer Service for any issue with Adobe Muse CC.




Graphic widget

Required skills
Beginner This product options are self-explanatory and you should not encounter any difficulty in using it

Muse 2015.2.1+


1.0 (10/05/2016) : this widget has been published on UrMuse


Read the full and up to date License agreement of this product on this page


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