When you add strokes to an object in Adobe Muse CC, you often feel limited by the options available. If you want to choose the type of line, the size, and the color for each borders of an object, then this widget is exactly what you are looking for. Stroke is the perfect widget to fully control the borders of any element in a Muse page.

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  • Add different types of strokes to each sides of an object/shape created in Adobe Muse
  • Choose between 9 different types of line for the strokes
  • Customize the color and the size of each borders of a shape/object
  • Decide to apply the borders effects to the state you want between normal, rollover, and mouse down
  • Easily add the same strokes to various objects by applying the same Graphic style to them
  • Hide all the borders of an object except one to easily obtain an hr line


1 Zip file (156 Ko) containing
  • 1 Mulib file : UrMuse-Stroke.mulib
  • 1 Cover picture : Stroke-ProductPage-Widget-UrMuse-01.jpg
  • 1 Readme file : license-agreement-urmuse.txt





Mucow widget

Required skills
Professional This product is intended for users with an expert level of Muse and being accustomed to use all its functionalities

Muse 2015.2+


1.0 : this widget has been published on UrMuse


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