Sorting Table

Sorting Table


Drop this widget in any Adobe Muse CC page to add a Sorting Table containing exactly the number of columns and rows you want. This widget detects the type of data entered in the Sorting Table to sort them accordingly. Enter numbers, characters, dates, or currencies in your Table and your visitors will be able to sort them by clicking on the Sorting Table header titles.

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2 Widgets inside 1 Mulib file
  • You get one widget named "Sorting Table - HTML Code" containing a premade Table in which you just need to add your own data, and one widget named "Sorting Table - Widget" to fully control the appearance and the behavior of your Table
  • The "Sorting Table - Widget" automatically detects the characters, numbers, currencies, european and american dates in your Table in order to sort them accordingly
  • Customize the background and text color, the size, and the pointer of the Header, the Rows, the Footer, and the borders of any Table you had in a Muse page
  • Modify the text properties of the Header, the Rows, and the Footer with the Text panel and create Paragraph Styles to apply your modifications in the Table
  • Add new lines and columns easily by copying and pasting bits of code in the "Sorting Table - HTML Code" widget
  • Add links or images in any Rows of your Table by adding HTML code in the "Sorting Table - HTML Code" widget
  • Find help and advices on using the Table directly in the "Sorting Table - Widget" Options panel


1 Zip file (1,81 Mo) containing
  • 1 Mulib file : UrMuse-SortingTable.mulib
  • 3 PDF files : SortingTable Tutorial Part One, Two, and Three
  • 1 Cover picture : SortingTable-ProductPage-Widget-UrMuse.jpg
  • 1 Readme file : license-agreement-urmuse.txt





Mucow widget

Required skills
Professional This product is intended for users with an expert level of Muse and being accustomed to use all its functionalities

Muse 2017+


1.1 (12/12/2016) : Rollover and Mouse Down effects added for the Header, Rows, and Footer in the Widget Options Panel / Tooltips added in the Widget Options Panel / Sorting Table HTML Code rearrangered / Three parts PDF Tutorial added with product files

1.0 : this widget has been published on UrMuse


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