Slidebar is the first widget ever made which allows you to transform any component in a Muse page into a side bar. Use this widget to add a side menu navigation, a notification bar, and many other things on any Muse page. Easily set which components on your page are used as the Slidebar and its buttons by using the widget Options panel.

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  • Set which components on your page are used as the Slidebar and its buttons by using Graphic Styles in the widget Options panel
  • Choose to have two separate buttons to open and close the Slidebar or use a toggle button to do both
  • The Slidebar can appear from any corner of the page, and you can make it follow the page scrolling from the widget Options panel
  • Open the Slidebar with a click or a rollover on any component in your page, and close it both by interacting with a button or by clicking anywhere else on the page
  • Stretch the Slidebar to the browser width and/or height, and adapt its size according to a maximum of five breakpoints
  • Control all transition aspects of the Slidebar directly from the widget Options panel and add an opacity effect when the Slidebar appears on the page
  • Use one of the ten Pre-Made Slidebar Samples as a starting point to create your own Slidebar
  • Find help and advices on how to use the Slidebar widget directly from its Options panel


1 zip file (876 Ko) containing
  • 2 Mulib file : UrMuse-Slidebar.mulib / UrMuse-Slidebar-Samples.mulib
  • 1 Cover picture : Slidebar-Thumbnail-Widget-UrMuse-1.jpg
  • 1 Readme file : license-agreement-urmuse.txt



This widget uses Javascript to function and therefore will only be functional in browsers fully compatible with Javascript.

Pre-Made Slidebar Samples widget : As this widget contains a combination of multiple Adobe Muse CC Library widgets we do not provide customer support for issues related to the use of one of the Library widget it contains. However we give customer support for the widget Slidebar itself. You can find help for Adobe Muse CC Library widgets on and you can contact Adobe Customer Service for any issue with Adobe Muse CC.




Mucow widget

Required skills
Professional This product is intended for users with an expert level of Muse and being accustomed to use all its functionalities

Muse 2017.0.4+


1.1 (07/20/2017) : 10 Pre-Made Slidebar Samples added in a separate Mulib file (UrMuse-Slidebar-Samples.mulib)

1.0 (06/29/2017) : this widget has been published on UrMuse


Read the full and up to date License agreement of this product on this page

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