Password Protection

Password Protection


If you want to limit the access of your website or a certain portion of it to your visitors then this widget for Adobe Muse CC is exactly what you are looking for. With Password Protection you can protect a page, an entire website, or a file from undesired viewers.

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1 Widget
  • Set the password and the sentences that appear if a good or a bad password is entered by your users
  • Choose if the button opens a new page, redirect to another website, or allow to download a file by entering the link of your choice
  • Completly customize the appearance of the button with borders, borders radius, and various states options in order for it to match the rest of your website
  • The tab that appears to enter the password looks different depending on what brower is used by your visitors
1 Password protected template
  • Use this password protected template as a cover page to limit the access to the rest of your website to those who have the password
  • Change the pictures by using one of the 30 background pictures or one of the 5 lock icons coming with the template
  • Edit the color, the size, and the attributes of the 5 lock icons and the 2 right & wrong password icons with the Illustrator files delivered with the template


1 zip file (6 Mo) containing
  • 1 Mulib file : UrMuse-PasswordProtection.mulib
  • 1 Muse file : SecureArea-PasswordProtection-Widget-UrMuse.muse
  • 2 Illustrator files : Lock icons & Result icons
  • 37 Template pictures : 30 jpg background pictures, 7 png icons
  • 1 Cover picture : Thumbnail-PasswordProtection-Widget-UrMuse.jpg
  • 1 Readme file : license-agreement-urmuse.txt



This password protection work for almost all users but you should not use it to protect sensitive data. Some experienced users may know that it is possible to see the valid password by going in View Source in their browser

This widget uses Javascript to function and therefore will only be functional in browsers fully compatible with Javascript.




Mucow widget

Required skills
Professional This product is intended for users with an expert level of Muse and being accustomed to use all its functionalities

Muse 2018.1+


1.4 (03/29/2018) : Display or not invite text when a good or bad password is entered by the user / Choose to open the links in the same page or in a new tab / New options for the button text / Change the style options for each state of the widget / Fixed a bug with multiple instances of the widget on the same page / The template has been modernized to match current graphic trends / New background pictures added to the template with various gradient effects / New icons added for the Right & Wrong password pages of the template

1.3 (07/15/2017) : Transition Options added to the widget Options panel / Correction of an issue with the field "Password" on iOS devices / Correction of an issue with the Wrong Password Redirection in Internet Explorer

1.2 (05/30/2017) : Its now possible to add a link or a file redirection when a user enter a wrong password / Improved support for links from the same domain as the Muse website / In order to reduce errors with Javascript support the users now have only one try before the password window closes if they enter a wrong password / Correction of the bug with the keyboard Enter key / Changes have been made in the section Help Information of the widget Options panel / The text fields available in the template have been enhanced for a better compatibility with Adobe Muse responsive features / 5 new backgrounds pictures and 5 new lock icons have been added in the template "Assets" folder / 1 Illustrator file have been added to allow you to modify the lock icons

1.1 (04/27/2017) : Correction of an error occurring with a link coming from the same domain as the Muse website / All types of characters are now supported in the field Password / More Help Information added in the widget Options panel / The sections available in the widget Options panel have been reorganized

1.0 : this widget has been published on UrMuse


Read the full and up to date License agreement of this product on this page

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