If you want to edit a blog with Adobe Muse CC and focus mainly on writing great articles, then this template is the one you want. Crafted around the idea of making an easy to use blog template Epure is fully responsive and already configured for you. Epure is also coming with 28 Bricks elements and a social media icon pack.

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1 Responsive template with 2 different files
  • You can choose how you want to work by starting either with the live preview template containing photos or with the Bricks template containing placeholders for pictures
  • Focus on writing your articles, putting pictures, and decorating your pages : all the rest has been done for you
  • Easily add new pages to your website with this multi-pages template, the breakpoints and the master page are already configured
  • Select what article you want to highlight by showcasing it on the header of your home page
  • Use the font styles we have configured for you, or briefly change them by using the Style panel
28 Bricks elements inside 1 widget
  • You can add new headers, articles, about sections, contact forms, and many other elements where you want with the Bricks widget
  • All the Bricks elements are already stylized to match with the aesthetic of the template in order to allow you to compose your own pages
  • Just drag and drop a Brick in a page of the template to add a new section to your website
  • Choose alternate layouts from the Bricks in order to compose your own personal website
1 Social media icon pack
  • Choose what social media icons you want to display on your website by picking the ones you want from an icon pack available with your purchase


1 Zip file (13 Mo) containing
  • 2 Muse files : Epure-Preview-Template-UrMuse.muse / Epure-Bricks-Template-UrMuse.muse
  • 1 Mulib file : Bricks-Epure-UrMuse.mulib
  • 1 Social media icon pack : containing 18 PNG icons
  • 5 JPG pictures from the Live preview
  • 1 Cover picture : Thumbnail-Epure-ProductPage-Blog-Template-01.jpg
  • 1 Readme file : license-agreement-urmuse.txt





Responsive website

Required skills
Beginner The features available in this product can be used with a basic knowledge of Adobe Muse

Muse 2017.1+


1.1 (09/10/2017) : Responsive features added for various components relative to Muse 2017.1 Update / Improved transitions of certain elements / New alternative layouts components added to the Bricks widget / Various tweaks and improvements / Reorganization of the Zip file folders

1.0 : this template has been published on UrMuse


Read the full and up to date License agreement of this product on this page