Password Protection 1.4


The new update for our best-selling Adobe Muse widget is here and it contains all the features you have the most requested as much as options we wanted to add for a long time. Password Protection 1.4 update contains new link & invite features, more style options, bug fix, and a modernized template with new assets.

Features & improvements

We've been in touch with you about Password Protection since its release, and you really helped us improve this widget over the years. For this update we wanted to place your most frequent requests in the Options panel of the widget, but also some of the ideas that we wanted to add for a long time. Discover with us the features and improvements available with the update 1.4 for Password Protection.

New Link and Invite options

Among the features that you have the most requested are the possibility to choose how to open the links of the button and the possibility of not showing the Invite sentences when a password is entered by your users. We have fulfilled your wishes in the update 1.4 by adding these two options in the widget Options panel, both for the Right Password Options and for the Wrong Password Options.

From now on if you want to open a link in a new tab you can check the box "Open in a new tab" available in the Link Options, and leave it unchecked if you want to open the link in the current tab of your browser.

Similarly you can tick the box "Show Invite" to make a prompt appear when a user enters a password, or leave it unchecked if you want to directly redirect your user towards a link or a file.


Please note that the 'Wrong password invite' is always visible when "Wrong Password Redirection" is not selected. This is to ensure that your website users can understand that they have not entered the right password.

Better control of style options

For a long time, we wanted to add more Style Options to the widget Options panel in order to give you more control over the appearance of the widget button. We are finally able to do this with the 1.4 update of our famous Adobe Muse widget.

This update gives you two new options for the appearance of the button text. You can now edit the Tracking attribute directly from the widget Options panel, and add Transform effect like Uppercase, Lowercase, or Capitalize to the button text.

But that's not all, because you also have the possibility to modify all the style options separately for each state of the button. Which means that from now on you can apply different attributes to the borders, the text, and the background for Normal, Rollover, and Mouse Down states of the widget button.

Major bug fix & new Help Information

With this update we have fixed a bug that occurred when two instances of the widget were on the same Muse page. This bug caused only one of the two widgets attributes to be taken into account when the page was published. Since the update 1.4 of Password Protection you will no longer experience this problem.

We have also added new information to the section Help Information of the widget regarding an issue that is happening when a single quotation mark is used in the Invite options of the widget. If you encounter this issue you need to replace the single quotation mark by its Hexadecimal Code: \u2019. Other minor changes have also been made in the Help Information section of the widget options panel.

Modernized template & new assets

For this update we have modernized the template in order to make it match the current graphic design trends, by modifying some of the fonts attributes, customizing the button appearance, and by applying 5 new gradient effects to the 5 background pictures available with the template. Which means that you now have access to 30 background pictures when you purchase Password Protection.


In order for you to understand better how to use the Link Options to redirect to pages of your Muse website we have added two new pages to the template (a Right & a Wrong password pages) and we have entered the links redirecting to these pages in the widget Options panel. These two pages both contain new icons which are also available in an Illustrator file in order to allow you to modify them.

Updating to version 1.4

In the 48 hours following the update release you should receive a download link by email if you have purchased Password Protection. This email is the same as the one you have received the first time you purchased Password Protection except that the download link it contains is for the new update.
Click on the link "" to get the new version of Password Protection.

If you have not received the download link for this update by email you can request it on the Download Link Request page.


Getting Password Protection

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