Muse 2017.1 release


After a long wait you are finally able to enjoy some of the most requested features for Adobe Muse CC thanks to the release of its 2017.1 update. Discover with us the brand new features and improvements contained in this August 2017 update for our favorite Creative Cloud software.

Important note

It seems that some users are encountering issues with the 2017.1 update of Adobe Muse. If you are encountering issues with this new update you can follow the method explained in this article to revert to an older version of Muse.

You can find a list of all the known issues present in the 2017.1 update of Adobe Muse in this article.

Features and improvements

The 2017.1 update for Adobe Muse adds the support of responsive features in most of the native widgets from the Widgets Library as well as other improvements. Discover how it will change the way you work with Muse in your responsive websites.

Responsive Composition, Slideshows, and Forms

This new update adds the support of responsive features in various native widgets from the Widgets Library of Adobe Muse CC. It means that you are now able to use the Resize option available in Muse top bar on all the Slideshows, Compositions, and Forms widgets.

Prior to this update, you had to pin, realign, and resize your widgets when you were working on a responsive website containing several breakpoints. All you have to do now is to drag and drop Muse native widgets in any page of your website, and let the widget resize and adapt its size depending on the browser size. You can also choose which components of the widgets are responsive and which are not by using the Resize option while selecting them.


Responsive Slideshows in Adobe Muse


If you want to learn how to use this native Muse widgets with their new responsive features you can read the following articles from

Simple selection of sub-element

With this latest update of Muse you are now able to directly select any sub-element within a group or a widget. While you previously had to use multiple clicks in order to select nested elements, all you need to do now is to double-click on the nested element you want to select. This will allow you to gain a lot of time while you are working with widget or grouped elements.


Simple Selection in Adobe Muse


touch screen support

This update adds the support of touch screen devices with new touch features. You are now able to easily zoom in and out using the new Pinch to Zoom feature in order to ensure that the elements are placed correctly on your page.

To use this new features all you have to do is to access Adobe Muse CC from a MacBook track-pad or a Windows touch screen device. Then you need to pinch and move your thumb and forefinger away from each other to zoom in, and to pinch your thumb and forefinger together to zoom out.

Updates for our products

Many of you have asked us to add responsive features to the forms, slideshows, and compositions available in our templates and widgets. We are pleased to finally be able to update these products with responsive features. We especially want to thank the Adobe Muse team for their hard work on this update.

New updates for our templates and widgets concerned by this 2017.1 update of Adobe Muse CC will be published gradually during the month of September.

The products concerned by this Muse update are:

  • Maquette (widget)
  • UrForm (widget)
  • Nuit Noire (template)
  • Profolio (template)
  • Epure (template)

If other products are impacted by this update, they will also be updated during the month of September.

Responsive widget celebration

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This offer expires on September 7, 2017 at 11:59pm (GMT+01), and will be working on only.

Sources of information

To see this new features working in a Muse page view the new Muse official page at

To see the full list of improvements coming with this update you can read this page from

To view all the video showcased in this article you can go on Creative Cloud Youtube page.

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