Slidebar Update 1.1

We have just released the first update for our latest Adobe Muse widget. This new update for Slidebar adds pre-made Slidebar samples in a separate widget file.


For the first update of Slidebar we are adding an all new widget containing 10 pre-made Slidebar samples in addition to Slidebar widget.

Pre-Made Slidebar Samples added

In this Update 1.1 for Slidebar we are introducing an all new widget file which contains pre-made bars and navigations that you can use as a starting point to create your own Slidebar. Choose between the Cookie Bar, the Info Bar, the Full Page navigation, the Profile Navigation, and many other. In order to add this pre-made Slidebar samples in your Adobe Muse Library all you have to do is to double-click on the new file "UrMuse-Slidebar-Samples.mulib" delivered with the widget.


Updating to version 1.1

In the 48 hours following the update release you should receive a download link by email if you have purchased Slidebar. This email is the same as the one you have received the first time you purchased Slidebar except that the download link it contains is for the new update. Click on the link "" to get the new version of Slidebar.

If you have not received the download link for this update by email you can request it on the Download Link Request page.

Getting Slidebar

If you do not already have Slidebar you can purchase it by clicking on the "Add to cart" button below.

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Your opinion matter

Tell us what you think of this update or what you would like us to improve next time in the Comments section below.