Update 3 released

We have just released the Update 1.3 for our best-selling Adobe Muse widget. This new update for Password Protection contains the ability to add transition effects to the button and bug fixes for compatibility issues with some browsers and devices.


For the third update of Password Protection we are adding an all new section to the widget Options panel, and we have also fixed two issues related to browser and devices compatibility.

Transition Options added

In this Update 1.3 for Password Protection we are introducing new features in the widget Options panel. You are now able to control the duration, the delay, and the speed effect of the transitions between the various states of the button. To access this new features all you need to do is to open the new section "Transition Options" available in the widget Options panel.


Bug fixes

  • Correction of an issue with the field "Password" of the Alert box on iOS devices
  • Correction of an issue with the Wrong Password Redirection link in Internet Explorer

Updating to version 1.3

In the 48 hours following the update release you should receive a download link by email if you have purchased Password Protection. This email is the same as the one you have received the first time you purchased Password Protection except that the download link it contains is for the new update.
Click on the link "PasswordProtection-Widget-UrMuse.zip" to get the new version of Password Protection.

If you have not received the download link for this update by email you can request it on the Download Link Request page.

Getting Password Protection

If you do not already have Password Protection you can purchase it by clicking on the "Add to cart" button below.

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Your opinion matter

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