Update 2 released


We have just released the Update 1.2 for our best-selling Adobe Muse widget. This new update for Password Protection contains amazing new features and bug fixes. Discover them in this article.


As this second update for Password Protection has been published on the store we can discover together the new functionalities and improvements its offering.

Wrong password redirection

The biggest new feature available with this update is the possibility to redirect users to a link or a file when they enter a wrong password after clicking on the button. To activate this feature all you need to do is to click on the checkbox "Wrong Password Redirection" in the section "Wrong Password Options" of the widget Options panel, and to select the type of link you want to use between an URL and a file.

The Wrong Password Options now contains options for link redirection

The Wrong Password Options now contains options for link redirection


Improved support for links from the same domain as the Muse website

The Update 1.2 for Password Protection improves the support for links from the same domain as the Muse website already started in the Update 1.1. When you want to make a redirection to a page of your Muse website, you just have to put the name of this page followed by the extension ".html" in the field "URL to open" of the widget Options panel. Since the Update 1.2 the redirection will work as much on the published website as in Adobe Muse Preview mode. Find more information about this in the updated "Link Information" section of the Options panel.

Fixed a bug related to Javascript support in several browsers

The fact that users had several attempts to enter a password caused several bugs with the support of Javascript in some web browsers. In order to reduce this bugs with the support of Javascript in web browsers, the users have only one try now before the password window closes in the event that they enter a wrong password. If this happens they must click on the button again to try to enter a password a second time, whereas before the field "Password" remained open at least three times before they had to press the button again. These changes have fixed the bug that prevented the keyboard Enter key to function properly as well as other minor errors.

The sections available in the widget Options panel have been reorganized

The Standard, Link, and Invite Options sections available in the widget Options panel have been reorganized into three new sections. You can find all the standard widget options in the "Standard Options" section as usual, but you will now find all the other widget options in the Right Password Options and in the Wrong Password Options sections. These new sections contain all the options related to the behavior the widget must adopt if a user enters a right or a wrong password, such as the type of link to open, the URL or the file to which the user is redirected, and the message that is shown in the alert.

Enhanced template compatibility for responsive features

With this Update 1.2 the template coming with the widget has also been improved with many adjustments. The text fields available in the template have been enhanced for a better compatibility with Adobe Muse responsive features.

New assets added to the template

Five new background pictures and five new lock icons have been added to offer you more options for customizing the template. You can find this new pictures and icons in the template "Assets" folder. An Illustrator file has also been added in the "Assets" folder in order to allow you to modify the five lock icons delivered with the template.

Updating to version 1.2

In the 48 hours following the update release you should receive a download link by email if you have purchased Password Protection. This email is the same as the one you have received the first time you purchased Password Protection except that the download link it contains is for the new update.
Click on the link "PasswordProtection-Widget-UrMuse.zip" to get the new version of Password Protection.

Getting Password Protection

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