Update 1 Released

The first update for our best selling widget Password Protection have been release today. Discover with us the brand new features it contains.

Features & Improvements

Now that this first update for Password Protection is available we can discover together the brand new features and improvements it contains.

All types of characters are now supported in the field "Password"

Before the Update 1.1 only the lower case characters were supported in the field "Password" of the widget Options panel. With the Update 1.1 you are now able to use all types of characters in your passwords. This will allow you to use more secured password containing upper case characters, lower case characters, alphanumeric special characters, and numbers.

Correction of an error occurring with a link coming from the same domain as the Muse website

Prior to this update for Password Protection you were not able to add a link to another page of your website, unless you were entering a full URL to this page. Previously an error message appeared in Muse if you were entering an URL like this one: "/page-name.html". You are now able to write only "/page-name.html" in the field "URL to open" instead of a full URL to add a link to a page from the same domain as the Muse website.

More Help Information added in the widget Options panel

The Help Information available in the widget Options panel has been divided into three sections. You can find help related to the Security of the widget, the use of Links, and how to change the appearance of the button with the section Style Information.


The sections available in the widget Options panel have been reorganized

The Style Options section available in the widget Options panel has been divided in four separate sections. Find all the options you need to tweak the appearance of the button in the Normal State Options, Rollover State Options, Mouse Down State Options, and the Border Options sections of Password Protection Options panel.


In the hours following the update release you should receive a download link by email if you have purchased Password Protection. This email is the same as the one you have received the first time you purchased Password Protection except that the download link it contains is for the new update.
Click on the link "PasswordProtection-Widget-UrMuse.zip" to get the new version of Password Protection.

GETTING Password Protection

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