Sorting Table 1.1

After two months of hard work we are proud to show you the 1.1 Update for Sorting Table and the Tutorial delivered with it. Discover with us the brand new features coming with this update and the three parts of the Tutorial containing everything there is to know about Sorting Table.

Features & improvements

Now that this first update for Sorting Table is available we can discover together the brand new features and improvements it contains.

States effects

The biggest new feature available with this update is the introduction of states effects in the Widget Options panel.

Since this update you can add Rollover and Mouse Down effects to the text and background colors of each part of the Table. Which means that you can add effects to different states of the Header, the Rows, and the Footer cells.

To use this new feature you have to open the Widget Options panel, open the Options tab of the Header, the Rows, or the Footer, and modify the colors of the text and background colors under Rollover or Mouse Down.

Tooltips added

This first update of Sorting Table contains among other things the implementation of tooltips in the Widget Options panel. From now on when you are hovering on the Border Size and the Padding options you are notified of the maximum and the minimum value you can enter.

HTML Code improvements

For this update we have made some small improvements to "Sorting Table - HTML Code" in order to make it more consistent to the HTML 5 Tables architecture. The biggest modification is that from now on the Footer HTML Code is above the Table body which contains the Rows.

If you have already used Sorting Table in your Muse websites we encourage you to transfer your data from the previous HTML Code to this new version of the HTML Code.

Tutorial Presentation

The Tutorial explains everything you need to know in order to use the Adobe Muse widget Sorting Table. You will see how to add the widget in the Library panel, how to edit and fill the HTML code of the Table with different types of data, and how to customize the appearance of the Table with the widget option panel. This three parts Tutorial is delivered as three PDF files inside Sorting Table folder when you purchase it.

Sorting Table Tutorial - Part 1

The first part of Sorting Table Tutorial covers the basics of the widget by explaining to you how to add the widget in the Library panel of Adobe Muse CC once it has been unzipped on a computer. This first part is mostly useful to the people who are using a Muse widget for the first time and do not know how to open Adobe Muse from Creative Cloud and how to add a widget in Muse.

Sorting Table Tutorial - Part 2

By reading the second part of the tutorial for Sorting Table we will learn how to edit the Table HTML Code in Adobe Muse CC. From putting the HTML Code in a Muse page to adding different types of data in the Table, this second part of the tutorial will cover everything there is to know about Sorting Table HTML Code.

Sorting Table Tutorial - Part 3

In this last part of Sorting Table tutorial we will learn to customize the Table appearance in order to give it the visual aspect we want. We will see how to use the Widget Options panel to edit the appearance of the Table Header, Rows, and Footer, how to change the Table text properties, how to modify the Table size, and how to make it responsive.

Getting Sorting Table

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