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Muse 2017 is available

Since the beginning of November all the 2017 versions of your favorite Adobe softwares are now available in your Creative Cloud app. In this article we will discover together the new features of Adobe Muse 2017 update, including the new Power Zoom functionality, the support for animations through CC Libraries, the ability to add Google reCaptcha version 2 in your forms, and much more.

Power zoom

A Power Zoom functionality has been added in Muse 2017. This new feature coming from other Adobe apps like InDesign allows you to view and edit specific area of your website layout. With the Power Zoom you can quickly zoom in, pan, or scroll to an area of your page layout in order to perform quick edits or focus on specific content.

How to use the Power Zoom feature:

  1. To use the Power Zoom feature you have to click on the Hand tool (H) in the left toolbar when you are in Design view.
  2. When the Hand tool is selected you need to press the Alt key and hold down your mouse left button, then you need to zoom out using you mouse wheel. The view of your page website should zoom out and a red box will appear to show you the view area.
  3. Move your mouse to select the area where you want to zoom in, and use your mouse wheel while holding Alt+Left click to increase or reduce the size of the red box.
  4. You can release your mouse button to zoom in the selected view area.

Import animations from CC libraries

If you are used to build animation for your Muse websites using Animate CC you will be happy to learn that now you can import animations from Animate CC in any Muse page directly from the CC Libraries panel. This new functionality is saving you from the hassle of having to search your animations in your hard drive in order to add them in your Muse pages. As of Muse version 2017 all you have to do is to drag and drop an animation from the CC Libraries panel into a page to add it to your website.

Learn more about using animations in Adobe Muse by going to this page of

Library items with breakpoints

With this update you are now able to choose whether you want to add an item from the Library panel with or without its breakpoints. The breakpoints that are added with an item are the one that were on the page when the item was saved in the Library panel. This new functionality can be used to easily add the same breakpoints in multiple pages of a Muse website.

In order to add items with breakpoints from the Library panel you need to click on the plus symbol next to the item name, and drag the item into your page. The breakpoints will be automatically added  with the item to your Muse page.

Website URL sharing

As of the version 2017 of Muse, a new Share button has been added in the top right corner of the workspace. This new Share button allows you to easily copy the link of any published website as well as the link to In-Browser Editing related to this website.

After having published your website to a FTP Host (Ctrl+Alt+F) or Business Catalyst (Ctrl+Alt+P) from Adobe Muse you can click on the Share button to open a drop-down menu containing your website links. Click on one of the Copy Link button to easily get the URL of the website you want to share.

If you want to share the URL of your live site click on Copy Link under "Your site is live", or click on Copy Link below "In-Browser Editing" if you want to allow a client or one of your team members to edit your website content using In-Browser Editing.

Google recaptcha v.2 support

If you wanted to use Google reCaptcha v.2 for a long time you will be glad to know that it is possible to do so with this update of Adobe Muse. Since Google has stopped giving private keys for reCaptcha v.1 recently, you are now able to use reCaptcha v.2 in your Muse forms.

In order to add the latest reCaptcha in a form you have to open the form Options panel by clicking on the blue arrow visible at the top-right corner of the widget when it's selected, and select reCAPTCHA 2.0 from the Captcha drop-down menu.

Other features and modifications

To see the full list of improvements coming with this update you can read this page from

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