October Terms update

As of October 2016, we have updated the Terms of our store and have mostly modified UrMuse Privacy policy. The modifications done to the store Terms are effective from October 17, 2016. You can find below a list of the changes done to the Privacy policy.

Privacy policy update note

The biggest update added to the policy is the addition of information about our new after purchase contact list in the "Section 3 - What do we do with your information?":

"Email related to purchases: When you make a purchase on the store you are automatically subscribed to our contact list related to our store and products updates. The only information used in this list are your first name, your last name, your email address, and the name of the products you have purchased on the store. By making a purchase on the store you are giving us your express consent to register you in this contact list. We are committed to never contact you through this list for anything other than store informations, products updates, products related informations, and/or request for products reviews after purchase."

From now on when you make a purchase on the store your name, email address, and the name of the products you have purchased will be added to a contact list. This will allow us to send you information about our store, our products, and products updates using MailChimp. This way you will be able to know if an update to one of the products you have purchased is available or if we have published a tutorial for one of the product you own. If you have already made a purchase on UrMuse you should receive an email about it very soon.

The order, the numbers, and the names of certain sections have been slightly altered and a new section have been added:

  • "Section 1 - What do we do with your information?" is now named "Section 1 - Information collection"
  • "Section 3 - Disclosure" is now "Section 9 - Disclosure"
  • A new section named "Section 3 - What do we do with your information?" is now available

Some clarifications and information have been added in some sections:

"Section 2 - Consent" now contains clarifications for the question "How do you get my consent?". Corrections are available below.

"When you provide us with personal information to complete a transaction, verify your credit card, place an order, arrange for a delivery, ask for a refund, or subscribe to our newsletter, we imply that you consent to the collection of this personal information and that we use them for these specific reasons."

In the Section 3 we have added information about the way we use your computer’s internet protocol (IP) when we collect it.

"Analytics: When you visit our store we use your computer’s internet protocol (IP) to gather  information about your country of residence, your browser, and your operating system. This information are not connected to other personal information concerning you and are used only for analysis purposes."

Other minor corrections have been made but they are not meaningful enough to be listed here. You can read our full Privacy policy here.

Downloading UrMuse Terms

As always you can download the latest version of our terms by clicking on this link.

You can contact us for any questions related to our Terms by email at contact@support.urmuse.com or by using the comment section below.